Setting up a blog – Ricardo

Ricardo gave a presentation of the set up around my website and the creation of a blog. Advise was giving on what to include in the website and within the blogs we post.

  • Audience of the blog – tutors
  • Details of projects
  • Information Graphics – how work is presented, photographed, sorted, edited, arranged
  • Rendered Solutions
  • In-Situ – how does my work communicate to my audience or clients, be professional, where does each piece of work belong, what to develop and how can I further my designs
  • Bookbinding – how do I sell my work, portfolio, edit
  • Trips -document, be interested and interesting
  • Presentation – how I present myself is how I present my work, my professionalism, my enthusiasm, my passion. Be confident, open and honest
  • Set the scene, create links, tell the story SHOW the story!
  • Exhibitions
  • Amplify Detail – what matters? what counts? importance, dedication, passion, meaning, intimate
  • Visual Narratives – show exploration, journey, storytelling
  • Text – Language, contextualise, analysis, reflection

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