Showing Visual Research – Sara

Sara, gave a presentation/lecture on the best way of showing visual research and communication through the use of blogging.


  • Design is a process – systematic
  • Field of study
  • Focus
  • Methodology
  • Shows the audience how you got to a final design
  • having the work laid out in front of you, not stored away in your mind
  • Move ideas around
  • Looking at the facts and opinions
  • Document – capture it
  • Reflect – edit the world – annotate
  • Accumulate – keep everything, learn from it
  • Design – creative process
  • Blog – Express yourself
  • For you – to help myself develop
  • For tutors – help them understand how I think, bespoke 1-2-1
How to document – essence of the work
                                      where the work is in-situ
Annotate fast, sketches, writing, colours photography
Consider: short, relevant, sharp, to the point – look it up

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