Smint Poster

So, I’m going for the, Facebook based, Smint Poster Competition after Adrian Beasley presented it to the class on Tuesday, and these are the first few designs I’ve come up with. I based my designs around what I would see at a glance when walking around London, especially underground. I went for the diagonal design to put emphasis on the italic Smint logo. Plus, I thought how first blue and white one represents a mountain, like on the Smint packaging. I then split the logo, to give it a visual interesting look, to make the audience want to read it, which led me to using old Smint colour pallet (green) for a more eye-catching appeal. However resorted back to the most resent colours of the logo and added in the slogan. Which then creates a flow to the audience’s eye. (Still in design process)  SmintPosterOneSmintPosterTwoSmintPosterFour

Please comment on which one is your favourite, and any advice and directions of what to improve or change. Thanks


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