Creating my website

To create a website/blog, I first needed to find out exactly what a website blog is.

I gathered information from the internet about ‘what is a blog’. I found that a blog, or blogging, are types of posts on a website, so essentially I am making a website, to post on information, which are known as blog or blogging. The term blog comes from ‘Web-Log’ (which made me think of captains log from Star Trek) and from that became ‘weB-LOG’.

To make my website, I was presented with an open source website called This website holds of the features and simplicity for just about anyone to make a website. WordPress have taken away all the html and css coding, hidden it in the background, so the user only has to customize the visual aspect of their website and post blogs in a fast, easy manner.

To create a website of my own using the WordPress tool, I just had to create an account with my email account and away I go.

I was given a brief to outline to the priority of what my website and blogs should be about, but the styling of the website was down to my own preference.

The main purpose of this website is blog about my journey through my second year at London Metropolitan University. It is a new aspect of self learning and engaging with my tutors in a better, more direct approach. I can post daily blogs about projects I am working on, lectures I attend, and for my tutors to get a better understanding of who I am as an artist and how I progress throughout my studies. This whole website is not only a way of showing my work to be graded, but also this website is to be marked upon as well. However, what is also more important is that I get to take away the knowledge of creating a website to post blogs and keep me in contact with the world, and to help create a network of contacts through online media resources.

I created some screenshots from my pc to show some of my visual research and the ‘behind the scenes’ of my website.

Untitled-5 Untitled-4 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 Untitled-1




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