Photographing my work

This week Heathers workshop/lecture was to help me understand the importance of how to photograph and document my artwork or images that I may want to post on my blog.

To achieve a high standard in making a good website/blog full of artwork, the artwork itself needs to be presented in a high standard. This means photographing every process and results of my artwork I want to post about. However, to achieve good quality images it is important to have a good amount of knowledge of how a camera works and how to capture my artwork. The focus of the subject is hugely important, as no-one likes to look at a blurry picture, but also I need to tell the audience what part of the photo to look so I can engage with my audience about my work, and specific parts of my work. Lighting and shadows are also taken into account as the image needs to look natural, or unnatural depending of the type of work I am documenting, so I need to factor in weather to use natural light (the sun) or artificial lighting from lamps. Another important aspect of photographing artwork is to not ‘over edit it’. To engage with my audience I need to show my work in its true form, for example, if the paper is wet, the raised brush strokes, curling of paper. I don’t want to give the false illusion that my artwork looks ‘more’ than what it is, by over saturating colours or the wrong exposure of white balance. The real purpose for me to photographing work is so my audience can see as much detail as I want them to see, but also give them the real overview of what I want people to look at.



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