Stop Animation Puppets – Kieron

Kieron gave a workshop talk about how to go about making a puppet for when creating a stop motion animation piece. He went into create detail about what materials are best to use, and demonstrated the process of using these materials to craft out a puppet. He stated that the best puppets are ones that are extremely flexible and very light-weight. To achieve this he used thin aluminium wire for the joints and limbs of a humanoid character, designed on paper. To create a body, and bulk areas of a model, he used Styrofoam as it is easily malleable and great to sculpt using craft knifes and cutting tubes. Now I know the best way to make a puppet, stop animation is something I would like to have a go at, just to see what the process of making a short clip/film is. I took photos of materials and a video that I cut into clips to keep for my documenting research.

WP_20151002_10_37_21_Pro WP_20151002_10_37_49_Pro WP_20151002_11_00_54_Pro WP_20151002_11_42_24_Pro


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