Smint Poster Development

After a long weekend of working on my Smint Promotion poster for the competition, I have taken the advise from my tutor and went ahead and sketched out some completely new design thumbnails.

I took inspiration for a blog,

This gave me some information on how to capture the essence of a great poster. I thoroughly looked over the brief for this project again, and picked out some words that the company wanted to promote their product as; essence, vigour of the freshness.

I then looked at some designs that other competitors had already posted, and I wanted mine to stand out more! I like how some were simple and effective with just the information needed, I did not like so much the ones that I had to sit and read, I wanted a fast moving poster, that hit the audience in the face when looking at it. Big, Bold and Bright is what I was thinking.

I had a few ideas in mind, and ran with all of them until I choose my final one to send off.

swirlsketch thumbnailssmint



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