Nous Vous Studio

This week was Studio Culture week. This meant that my fellow students and I went on a little field trip across London and visited some artists studios, where they do their work, so we could get a general sense of how a studio ‘works’.

I chose the studio entitled Local Universe, to further my studies with. This studio is presented, and worked alongside with, Nous Vous, a small art and design company run by three guys, located in Dalston, London.

I had the opportunity to go and visit this studio to find out more about Nous Vous and how they work in a studio environment together. The only artist there at that day was Nicholas Burrows. He gave us a nice welcome and offered us a seat, whilst he told us a short introduction about who he is, what Nous Vous is, and how he came to work with his fellow artists. From then on we bombarded him with questions.

He told us about how the layout of the studio always changes as different projects that the team work on need different interacts with each other, and sometimes sitting in the corner of the room at your desk just isn’t the answer. He spoke about how sometimes he does like to work alone, but mostly when he is doing personal projects, and that the studio is good to work at as it keeps him focus and separates his home life to work.

I asked him questions about what he values most in his studio. He replied by saying

“the tools I use to make my art with”.

He was referring to the Mac computer he has on his desk and his tools he uses for drawing. He also explained how useful his book collection is to him,

“I must have bought that book for a reason, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it, so instead of always searching the internet I use my books to help with designs and references to my work”,

he explained. I asked him about the things he had pinned up on his wall, and he went through a lot of the pieces, which turned out to be a lot of finished and unfinished projects. Some were just random sketches and notes, others were finished projects,

“we create work for it to be displayed, this is how we can see it a lot and improve on what we have already done”,

as he explained his wall of inspiration.

What I took away most from this visit was that he told the group that it is important to keep a well-balanced studio practise between how messy it can get, or become, and to always consider how others work within the studio. It is good to have some meetings and discuss any changes you want to bring to the studio environment. Also to have a changed space, or designated areas for certain types of materials or crafts.

If there is one thing I will remember from my visit to Nous Vous studio, is that Nick explained his practise as,

‘Illustration, but from the thinking of a graphic designer’

Which sums up how I like to think as well.

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