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Within Studio Culture Week, I also visited the studio at which graphic designer Lakwena Maciver is based. Again in Dalston, above a market, in purpose-built studio floors Lakwena has rented out a space in a studio shared with seven other people.

First impression is what sprang to mind when meeting Lakwena. She was a very welcoming person and instantly felt full of energy in her presence, which is something I admire in an artist, I could feel the love she has in what she does.

The studio space she was in was an extremely open planned layout. With seven other people in the room, there was no distinctive cut off from whose space was whos, however each had their own desks and equipment surrounding themselves.

Lakwena was working on a project, which had a 24 hour deadline, but she was happy to give us a little insight into her world. She is a an artist that loves to work in big scale, no, massive scale, most of her work blew me away. She has all her equipment at an arms reach on show, easy access to just grab whatever she needs, and has a well established book resource collection. A good way I can explain Lakwena’s studio is ‘Make-shift’. By this I mean there were book shelves made from milk bottle metal cages, like from a supermarket, her desk was a sheet of wood held up by treccles. However, everything seemed to work well together flawlessly.

She told us about different studios she had been to see but the rent amount was to large for what was presented as a studio. She told us that, the studio she is in now, it is run by London-based artists who have fabricated the building to be studios for other artist, possibly as a non-profit establishment, but more for the love of art and what to give up and coming artist a chance to work properly.

What I will take away from my visit is that a studio is whatever you make it! No matter how small or big, it must have what you need, or require by any means necessary.

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