Mr. Turner


Watched this film (above pic*) a few nights ago, just got round to writing a little post about it.

Excellent film, great casting, wonderfully captured, good humour, some tear jerking moments. I hadn’t hear of Turner before this film, but this film made me look more into his paintings. People labelled him as the ‘Painter Of Light’ and it really does show.







(above*) Turners paintings are painted from memory. He goes out to seek the scene he wants to paint next and then jots down some notes and sketches but paints souly on what he remembered. Good eye for colour and composition. This painting is of a steam boat towing in a ship, and within the film he see’s this scene whilst on a rowing boat. Both the painting and scene in the moving complimented each other greatly.







(above*) This painting is entitled ‘Snow Storm’. Turner literally tied himself to the mast of a boat, and set out to sea, to feel the storm and capture the essence of being within the storm itself. This is a painting of motion and emotion towards the memories of his experience.

Truly inspiring stuff, no internet back then to reference drawings like today!


* (images taken from internet source, not of my own)



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