The Art of PingPong

The Art of PingPong is an event created by graphic design company FiveFootSix. It is created to raise money for charities of their choosing. This is done by having artists from all over the world to create a piece of artwork onto a pingpong paddle, be it pen, paint, digital graphics, a sculpture, and then having them auctioned off, then the proceedings go to a charity. This year LondonMet got involved and had asked students to partake. We all got a brief and inspiration information from last years event.

So I got to work.

Using pingpong paddle templates I began sketching some illustrations and designs.



I looked at a few movies that featured pingpong and also some oldskool classic games. I also went for a few designs of my interest like batman, and the superman logo (lookalike). Towards the end I was looking for something different and thought “What could I turn this paddle into?”, so as I turned it on its side I thought of a fish/shark and from that came a ship in a bottle. I chose my favourite ones and made more detailed variations of these (below)



pp6     pp5

After I made these, I got feedback from my tutors and other students. I found out that using a character from another company is not really the way to go, so I took that one out of the stack. Also we had a sneak peek at some entries that were already entered and they had a Forrest Gump one already, and I wanted something more unique. My fellow students and friends liked the idea of the boat in a bottle one as it was a good ‘outside the box’ idea. I went back to the drawing board to decide which ones I should submit for entry of this competition.

Also, after looking around other students work I came to realise that not one person had done anything in a 3D effect, I thought this is my chance to come up with something new and very different to everyone else’s. So I made some sketches…






I drew some perspective grid lines to really made the image appear 3 dimensional, as though the pingpong ball is going away in the distance. Then drew it out in pen/ink, adding in more details.

WP_20150923_18_32_40_ProOnce I had my design down, I used a light box to use this as a guide to trace over onto the template. and then used watercolours and drawing ink to finish the piece.








I then put my chose designs together and submitted them for the competition to voted upon by CIP Level 5. (bellow)






Despite getting a few votes on each of my pieces, I did not get into the shortlist. But still, the project must go on, and I will be choosing one of my design in the near future to complete onto a real wooden pingpong paddle.



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