Collection of notes from lecture with NousVous

Drawing is research. Gather information. Something that inspires our surroundings. Share and collect. Open resource. Annotations about why I chose this subject. Interesting things about my surrounding area. This is first term.

Second term about how we process these findings.

Editorial illustrations

Visual communication in varies forms. Creating my own voice in illustration

Sketching for ideas and knowledge, not sticking and pasting.

Sketchbook, for myself. Thinking process.

Make mistakes.

From bad to good ideas. Notes.  Loose.

Find a way of making sketchbooks organised.

Blogs are too show what we want the tutors to see!

WP_20151013_001 1 WP_20151017_15_52_27_Pro

Map – area to investigate and find new things every time I go out.

Buildings, signage and weird stuff.

At this point there was no such brief as to what the term project is. I was sent out in groups and told to draw, draw, draw! gather info, details and knowledge of our area.

“Drawing is Research”


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