Observational Drawing

In Local Universe studio, it was time to address the first task. We had a short talk on why we are going on our observational drawing expeditions, and now it was time to put it into practise. The task for the first term is about collecting. This is collecting research and visual observations of our local area.



We was to start with architecture.

Working our way into the local area to identify ten buildings that looked interesting and visually pleasing, be it weird and wonderful also.

As I went round I thought about what the building might be for, and how the public use it, if they do. The scale of the buildings, the differences in the type of material or cosmetic design. The structural position of buildings and some of its surroundings.

I was to not rely on my written descriptions but more my visual representations of the buildings. All of this for the exterior of the buildings only.

Plus at the end of the day we took the DLR back to Uni and had some fast drawing! (made me feel bit sick)

The gallery shows some sketches and photographs from that day out.






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