BlackChapel Publication

In Local Universe Studio. The task of the day was to produce a small publication in any form of book of our choice. I was in a group with two other students, on which we started to come up with some ideas.

First we had to establish how the book was to be made, bound, folded or simply put together. Within the time given, we must have created images, illustrations, collages, or prints, to go within our book, of which were to be collaborations of our interpretations of the Local Universe so far.

We had decided upon doing an illustration each and allocated parts of the book to each other. We come up with the idea of folding an A3 sheet of white paper into a boustrophedon, consisting of 8 sides in A6 format, and opened into the full A3 spread. Someone from the group had decided to create a narrative, in the form of comic strips, to compliment the character he designed within the studio. The other had decided upon drawing people, from who he had come across or imagined in the local area. I, however, wanted to do a design illustration of everything I had done in the studio so far. The theme was to be gloomy and rough, to show the gritty, dirty side of the area.

I looked through everything I had done it the studio so far and wanted to collect all that information, in an ink drawing, to show a full poster style design of the area of Whitechapel, the heart of our Local Universe. I looked back onto some of the buildings I had seen and drawn. The patterns from some of the buildings. The textures I had come across. Then onto the people within this area, the clothes they wear. The coffee they drink, the cigarettes they smoke. Then, applying my creative flare of adding in tiny details, of surrounding objects like trees, rainy weather, character design, patterns, and finally a title; BlackChapel.




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