Paddle Auction PowerPoint

I enjoy using PowerPoint as I think it is a great tool for making fast quick presentations. I find it a great program to navigate around quickly. It has a lot of in-house features to make a presentation look visually pleasing, without going through a long process.

To pitch our group’s ideas at the FiveFootSix studio, we achieved a few subtly stylish, professional looking slides. There were no transitions or animations, however the slides have point-to-point information and images to compliment that.

Also, to help show our ideas more clearly, the group got together and created a branding/logo design to pitch as our event header. We decided upon a design we collaborated on, which was to cameo the London Metropolitan University logo and font style. Of which we tuned into a Ping-Pong themed brand. We chose this as it represents, what the event is, and where it is, the fact that we are London Met Students, and hoping that it points people in the right direction fast as to what is happening, on the posters and flyers.

Unfortunately I was not the one who went to give our presentation speech to FiveFootSix. However I find it great experience to help direct an event, with such a good course!

Below are the slides, which is the exact PowerPoint the group collaborated on, with which I put together.



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