Marketing director

In CIP class, I openly put myself forward to engage with the marketing aspects of our auction event. I knew that due to a lot of design students wanting to be involved with branding, curation and logo designs, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something different. I decided to go ‘Behind the scenes’  and make sure that our event was getting publicity and invites were being sent out.

Of course I had to wait for the production team to finish the designs so I could actually promote and market the event.

I made a slight input by designing/investigating the right type of hashtag (#) link to use. I search out what our university # signs looked like, which all had #londonmet(comment) within them, and another # with the main focus of our event.

I decided upon;



I used the use of the number 2, to input as ‘To’ for the sake of being quick, quirky and modern/different. Also the capitals have been put into place to separate the words and define what part of the # really stands out. Simple and effective I think.

A3 double check size poster






Once I got my hands on the flyers, posters and internet banners I set to work.

Mostly using social media networking sites, I am currently still in process of plastering it around the web. To date I have set up an Official Facebook page outlining the event and what’s going on, on a daily basis of updates.

Also on Facebook, I have set up an e-invite within the Facebook in-house event links. I have posted an invite as the event page admin and one from my personal page.

I will encourage other students to do the same.

I have then gone onto Twitter and spread around the # sign as much as I can for the moment. I am hoping it will catch on the more everyone uses it!

I will hopefully have print outs of all posters and flyers soon, with which I will go out of a jog (HA!) and pin them up around the University and London. Without vandalism of course!

Below are screen shots of my work process/behind the scenes.


(Creating the official page)




(Creating the Facebook invite)





(spreading the hashtags and Facebook info on Twitter)





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