Paul Jenkins

HotHouse Talk by Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins was fantastic! He had just an inspiring approach to his talk. He has had such a great run of projects and has made a real good name for himself. Also started up a company, by himself, called TripleDoubleStudio.

He gave us a talk which focused around his process of working. He gave us examples, on slides, of the research and development processes he builds in order to pursuit a project/brief.

What amazed me the most was his way of making a visual board of ideas. Instead of using a computer screen, he actually designs most of ideas through drawings and sketches and notes, which he then posted onto a wall, in his studio, and works with it hands on, as well as shows it to the clients he has the job from. This is great inspiration which shows that an oldskool wall collage that works!

He gave us an insight into how he works, and why it works for him, and also gave us tips on ways to develop our own practice.

He is an inspiration. An individual that shows great determination and focus for something he loves doing, and has made it work.

“stay small, agile and be the best you can be”



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