All the signs point to one direction

The next Local Universe project was to source the information our area was telling us. This meant going out and collecting visual research about the signs and symbols within our chosen area.

To determine how they make us behave, what they mean, what they are saying, how they look, and how they influence our lives.

Official Signs:

I had the idea of standing in one spot and turning in a 360 circle to see how many I could photograph in a single spot. I got about ten in one spot, so it that covers the theory that they are everywhere, and it must have some type of influence over us.

Unofficial Sign:

I love the works of graffiti and tags and stickers. They vary in size and respond to their environment in so many ways. The smallest graffiti tag can have such a huge impact. Some tags can appear very complex in the font style, but I think this makes you look at it closer, longer, to try to decide what it says for yourself. Some times graffiti can determine how we behave. I think it makes us think about what type of area we are in, whether it is vandalism or straight up artwork. Graffiti wars can be serious and sometimes deadly, however each piece of work has great meaning and I think the city is a great canvas to work on.

Food Packaging:

IMG_3410 (EDIT!)


For Advertising, I chose to look at movie posters, as I am a movie lover! I found that there are artists out there that do ‘alternative’ movie posters. I love how they have taken the images and text and contextualize the movie into a very simplistic, minimal poster. Without using many words or symbols or real life photography. They are illustrating exactly what the movie is about without ‘over doing it’. I done a few representations of my favourite ones. Evil Dead movie, Poster design for a new batman comic, and an alternative poster for Breaking Bad tv series.



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