Marketing Campaign on Branding

CIP has been a real curve ball! The Branding has changed design….

After positioning myself on the Marketing and promoting team of our PingPong Auction event, I have learnt new things and have moved out of my comfort zone to achieve a new set of skills.

I have learnt that keeping continuity is one of the upmost important things in marketing. From Posters to flyers, to web banners and billboards, it is key that people understand a brand across the range of visual communication. Colour schemes and fonts are essential to get people noticing!

Within the social networking aspect, I have learnt new skills to achieve a continuity throughout different posts and sites. Connecting the content from the poster to facebook, to twitter, through Instagram and blogs, there are key features that have to be dealt with in order to keep everything flowing smoothly. Having a post from one site connected to another, scheduled posts to achieve an easy flow of content. Having the same images move throughout websites, from poster, to facebook, hashtags through twitter and posts on Instagram is key to keep every aspect of audiences involved in our process of this event.

Below are some screen shots of how I got about connecting the marketing campaign.

schedule posts

This screen shot shows the amount of scheduled posts I had going out, to present the artworks of the show, and artists, to keep a constant flow of information.



This screen shot shows the process of how you can use the in-house feature from twitter to create a widget, which shows tweets and can have direct tweets from our websites which hold this widget.



This screen shot is to demonstrate the level of importance it is to use continuity in hashtags and signs, therefore it is easy for something to ‘retweet’ and follow your posts and pages.




This screen shot shows how simple it is to connect one social site to another. This connects facebook to Instagram for constant streaming of one site to the other. Below is a similar feature with twitter, connecting the tweets to mobile phones and other social sites.twetface



It was a good experience of learning how to market an event, from which I will note on when I eventually open my own events, and great to be ‘behind-the-scenes’ on a project and not front of house for change.




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