Alternative Signs

As part 2 of the Signs and Language project. I have chosen to re-design an alternative for an old film based on the Jack The Ripper legend.

As posters were on of the signs and languages I looked at, I got very inspired by the alternative posters that come out for movies. This made me look at my link with Jack The Ripper and my local universe area a lot more. So, I gathered up some old and new posters for films based on Jack The Ripper which were in fact film in my local universe.

I kept the research posters I found for inspiration and techniques. Then, through analysis of contextual designs, I thought that the ‘Hands Of The Ripper’ was my least favourite. I dislike how the colours do not communicate what the poster is about, there are possibly 5 different images all visually saying something different, and I thought that this poster can be communicated quite easily without text and symbols.

To the drawing board!

Once I had my finalised idea, I went in on it digitally. I cut out some flat shapes and used some block colours, relating to the original poster design. I then adapted my design but dragging out some shadows, to pop the artwork out, and visually connect each part of the poster with another colour of each section. The cloud/smoke/fog running though the middle was formed from the idea of keeping the poster relating to the true design, plus it gives a sense of mystery and relates to the Jack The Ripper London theme. I then added texture to the cloud shapes, to give them texture and add a bit of difference in the design, I think it sits nicely in the background, with the rest of the images pushing forward. Without the use of words, I found it difficult to show that it is Jack The Ripper and not just some typical London murder film poster, however, I put in a lot of stereotypical visuals in there to suggest clearly what the poster is about, like the big ben silhouette and the typical knife, killing woman scenario of the murders.

Below is my final design.







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