Making the patchwork paddle poster

Here is how I went about creating the patchwork paddle poster for inside the charity event zine.


First (above) I had to grab the template of the paddle size. Then I got all the final edited photos from of everyones paddles.


I then resized every paddle to match the template size.


I then selected the guides/grids option, and set out a grid that had a nice amount of space between each row and column, and so that when each piece was filled in with a design it had enough space to notice which design it was. Once the grid was in place, I selected the ‘Snap To Guides’ and checked it on. This provides me with a clean-cut selection of each square in the grid. It was then just a matter of selecting with part of the paddle I wanted in which square, and delete whatever was not selected.


After every paddle had been scaled and cut. The result was a nice patchwork of everyones work in one A3 poster

*Credit goes out to Adam Hayes for sticking with me whilst we figured out what sections we wanted. We shared tips and tricks on Photoshop, and both worked on fixing up refinements on the zine. It was a long process but worth it in the end. It was a collaboration between illustration and graphic students*

Adam Hayes Blog



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