Off to see some books

A brief outline for Studio was to go to a particular choice of places to get some hands on, primary research and information about how editions are displayed and made within these shops.

My chosen stores to visit were, Whitechapel book shop and KK Outlet.

Looking around in Whitechapel book shop, three books caught my eye.

The world of Tim Burton (published by Hatje Cantz; Bilingual edition, 15 Aug. 2015)


This one stood out to me because of the contrasting black and white, shiny hardcover. I’m a sucker for a hardcover. It gives a sense of real purpose and bigger value. I love the look of the ‘funky’ typography, and inside gives a fascinating insight into the bizarre, magical imagination of this exceptional multimedia artist, the pictures leave the viewer in amazement, inspired, and with Big Eyes.



Stik (published by Century, 13 Aug. 2015)


This book caught my eye, again being a hardcover, but also because the colour of red was very striking. Mixed with the white, simple illustration of Stik, you just know what this book has in store for you. This is the first collected volume of his work to date. It reveals the political and artistic inspiration behind the work , which is printed on thick glossy paper.


WOOD (contributed by architects and academics, self published)


I saw this just in the corner. A small A6 sized book/zine, set out in volumes, held together with a bellyband. It looked very fragile, it had been printed on what seemed like sugar paper, or even recycled paper. Seemed as though it was screen printed or gone through a risograph printer.


From the KK Outlet store, which at the time was holding The Art Of Ping Pong exhibition, a little collection of books caught my eye.

Kids With Punz


Picking each of them up, they were weightless, but filled with illustrations, which were really tastefully funny. However the printings/illustrations were printed in a slightly different shades to the paper, 3 to 4 tones, which held a nice continuity between all the pages and each of the booklets. Held together with a staple, with a minimalist cover of just the artists name. This is good inspiration of how to make a good quality edition without the expense of a fortune.









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