Photographing Paddles

Photographing is something I enjoy, if only it is done professionally. A few student and I cracked down on the photography for our charity event, to make sure that whatever pictures were posted online they were of the best quality.

IMG_7649 [70846] IMG_7650 [70847] IMG_7651 [70848] IMG_7652 [70849] IMG_7653 [70850]

We retro-fitted a camera tripod so it was in a steady horizontal position. A new sheet of white paper was pulled from the role and I attached my camera to the tripod. I set up the camera so I had the best exposure, without capturing too much glare from the flash, some I had to photograph manually as the paddles were of a shiny material.

Credit goes out to Maria, who was in charge of choosing the paddles to be photographed and set them up with myself, and who also done the editing for when the photographs were taken. Silvia, for taking photos of the process within the studio. Kat for running around to get the equipment needed.

Here were the final outcomes.



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