ed1 ed2(briefs)

Gathering thoughts and ideas with other studio members.

I know that I love drawing people, and I have got inspired to do alternative poster designs. I like drawing. I love using pen and ink. mixed media? Need to make a clear narrative. Link to the Local Universe. Use one of the studio projects. Recycle original editions. Draw over other editions. I love coffee, I drink it all the time!

Make an edition of alternative book covers? Book full of book covers. Buy the book from a shop in local area (studio theme link!). Charity shop, recycling. print? paper? story of book?

Draw the public. drinking coffee. staying still, more detail. narrative of a coffee shop. types of coffee people drink? title of books….black Americano, flat white, cappuccino, filter coffee, latte. types of people, coffee drinkers. giving back to the local universe?

Draw onto bought charity shop/shop book. recycling the universe. edition of a book, the words become irrelevant. a few books?

hmmm…..ideas ¬_¬


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