Tutor feedback

Jay from Nous Vous was in today to give us a presentation of how to produce a mock/draft of a publication.

The purpose of making a draft run of something is so that you can actually see it. It is vital part of professional practise. To have a draft product in your hands, it is easier for you to make decisions based on what looks right or wrong, instead of relying on thoughts and sketches. Jay explained that a mock-up can be literally stuck together with string! it can be scrap paper, stapled together, with photocopied work or grayscale printed pictures. This way you will have something to write on, makes notes on, cut things out of, change things, before make a final product.

Jay also gave me a tutorial on the ideas of my editions publication.

My idea is to go with drawing the people of the Local Universe. Based on the mini project of ‘Observation drawing of people’. I had the idea of using found or recycled papers from the area, giving something back to the universe. However, feedback suggested that my drawings would get lots in the paper and not be the focus point of the publication. Plain paper it is!

I also wanted to choose specific places in the area to capture these people. Seen as I love coffee and always in coffee shops, I thought what a great place to capture people. This lead to the decision of making my publications about three different coffee shops; Costa, Starbucks and Pret. This also has a great selling point, due to it people something people recognise.

I have decided upon going for a set of three small books. A5. Digitally printed with inkjet. In colour. Reprint 10 of each book, thus making 30 editions. possibly selling separately or as a set of three with a belly band to hold them together.


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