Smint Poster


I have put together some screen shots showing the process I went through on designing and making my poster for the Smint competition.


To begin (above screenshot), I went to download plug-ins for the energy brushes in use in Photoshop. I sourced these at Once I had chosen the brush I liked, I arrange it into the composition that I wanted, and then applied the brush in white, onto a black background, using only one layer. I apply the brush 3 or 4 times to achieve the white glow effect.


Moving onto a second layer I chose what colour I want the energy burst design to be. I chose a blue shade, to suit the design on the Smint packaging. On the second layer I paint the page the chosen colour, then by changing the blend mode of that layer to ‘Colour’ it merges with the first layer and paints my brush design.


Moving onto a third layer, I gather the resource pack from the Smint Facebook site, and apply the background they provided me with onto the third layer. Then, by changing the blending mode of the third layer to ‘Screen’, the background and energy design have merged together to form a solid, bursting, 3D, glowing, fresh, electric canvas I was after.


Once I was happy with my background/canvas, I then went back to the resource pack and selected the product and logo images to be placed onto the poster. I applied a grid onto my poster, to use as a guide and make sure the information on the poster is evenly spread, with good scale to be viewed by the audience.




I applied the information in a hierarchy of importance. In making sure the poster is read in the right direction, top to bottom, the main information is largest and the less important information gets smaller as the view gets down the poster. Due to this poster being a promotion for the new ‘Fresh to Impress’ range of packaging, I put an image of the pack right in middle of the poster, standing out, amongst the white glow. I chose to put in a small information banner at the bottom to give the view some contact details of the company (only for design purposes only).





I am hoping my design gives the people the impression of the fresh burst of the Smint mint, by making the poster look as though it is bursting out the page. I tried to capture the essence and simplicity of the promotion, whilst grabbing the vigour and energy of the mint itself.



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