Editions Mock up

Had a little group tutorial with Nick from NousVous today.

I had produced a mock up of the first draft of what I wanted my Editions publication to be like. Taking my drawings I had done at Costa Coffee, I wanted to convey them into a mini book of what my experience of that coffee shop was like. I used my rough quick sketches, also photos I had taken, to draw out some cartoon style illustrations. I went for this creative style a I thought it might be a good selling point, and using it to communicate humour in people. I had also placed text around the images. I got inspired to do this by the sketchbook work of Lynne Chapman. I captured small sentences of people and noises I heard around the coffee shop, to give the publication a sense of sound and atmosphere.

mockfour mockone

mockthree mocktwo


The feedback I got from Nick was that maybe I didn’t need the cartoon style, But I should think about a running theme so that I can communicate, through my book, the way I see how each coffee shop is different; A personal experience. He also suggested that he preferred the style of the black and white drawing of the older man in one of the pages (see photos). This was in fact a test run of using watercolour and I photocopied it. However, I totally agreed with him on this and have decided to go for a more detailed approach, of which I can tell more of a story through my drawings, possible using less text.


Back to the drawing board! This is why mock-ups are so good as a professional practise concept.


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