Edition Idea

The idea behind my Edition was to draw people in a café/coffee shop. To then capture the life inside that shop and use the atmosphere of noises and conversations, to bring the edition to life with text. However, the idea has spun from that into a more in-depth look at the different types of people  within my local area, of Whitechapel, London. I have chosen to draw in a style that feels more comfortable to me, and which personally suits how I love to draw. Not in a cartoon characteristic theme. After filming a journey from University to the train station, I developed some drawings from faces I pulled out of the crowd. I looked into different genders, age, race, religion characteristics (i.e clothing, head wear) and culture.

My drawing style, stems from the movement of people, and how I can capture that in my pencil and pen line work. For this is tend to leave my pencil sketch in behind the pen inks on top. This shows my audience the strategies I take when drawing out a figure , or face, and also give the drawing a feeling of movement and gesture.

When scanning my work into the computer, or photocopying it, the digital process tends to pick out the pen more definitely, which is not good for the pencil underneath. SO! For me to capture the gesture drawings and movement in my pencils, I have copied my image and manipulated in a few times to create that expression of movement and chaos of the pencils.

I then scaled my drawings bigger, to give the audience a closer look at the line work within my drawings. Engaging the audience into my work. Using their eye as the movement to give my drawings a gesture of life. This is how I have decided to present my Edition. Below, are just a few select few of what are to appear in the Edition book.

bw1 bw2 bw3




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