Sarah Boris

Sarah Boris. French. A graphic designer. Enthusiastic. Driven. Focused….But my word can she talk fast. It was hard to hear some of the things she had to say, and some of the presentation slides went past to quickly to even grab photos. However, Sarah’s passion for great design shows through in the way she talks about what kind of work she takes on, how much, and sometimes how even money is not an issue, ‘Just push through the budget, and do it anyway’!

Sarah presented, and spoke about her work ranging from Branding/Visual Identity at the ICA (institution of contemporary arts), to printmaking and exhibitions.

ICA-mermbership_6 Projets%20Collaboratif%20So%20UP%20de%20Sarah%20BorisICA-guide2

The inspiration she gave through her talk was delightful. She expressed how collaborating with the client is important when working on a project. However as a designer it is important to keep your views strong, as that’s what someone is paying you for. The variety of work Sarah displayed was a very wide range of styles and perhaps something I should take in more consideration.

I also got the feeling that Sarah prefers to work more freelance, and more freely at that, as the company orientated work can become a bit mundane.






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