Cecilie Barstad



Cecilie Barstad gave a lecture about how to establish yourself and where to establish yourself within the industry of design. Cecilie gave a presentation of ways in which to help ourselves at making our own business/studio/services.

The elevator pitch. This is a technique in which helps enhance your social skills in a fast and effective sales pitch of yourself. The elevator is metaphorical, for example; if I was stuck in an elevator with a designer/illustrator whom I admire and would love to work with, I have till the time they get out of the lift (maybe 4 or 5 floors) to sell myself to that person.

Over a few slides Cecile spoke of branding ourselves. Keep a strong, water tight, summary of what it is I do, and how to present that information to people. Whether it is in my branding, my name, my background history etc.

The talk followed with asking, what do you sell? How do we sell it. To whom we sell it. And why we sell it. These questions are all based around good marketing, marketing research and competitor analysis. The thing is, there may be someone out there who can do what you do slightly better, however, that person can never do what ‘you’ do. This is goes somewhat back to the branding and how to sell myself. However, it is key to keep track of what is happening in the industry and learn how to adapt, or improve, or what within the medias of now. Or do I change the norm?

Of course, this information wouldn’t mean much if the price isn’t right. Again through marketing, I can try to establish a good price within the margins of what is already on the table. However, I do not want to sell myself short. The time, effort, materials, and design that go into the work are of course my own, and do I really want to part with them for next to nothing? Working to a budget and keeping yourself at a comfortable pace with workload, time management, and free time, are also important to document and organize!

Cecilie ended her talk with work she has done within her company GilesandCecilie.

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As much as I enjoyed the talk, and information, which was so valuable and inspiring. I do however believe that starting my own company is something quite huge. I do lean more towards the idea of working for a company. I believe that this way of working, is more stable financially. Plus, I think the worries of trying to get work, and staying on top of work, can be stressful and get in the way of the approach to designs. Also within a steady company you have the facilities to do much more with other people. However, who knows? in the future I may lean towards the self business plan idea. I guess we shall see what happens.



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