Editions Prototypes

A week before hand in. The deadline nears…

I feel I have a strong concept and idea for my Editions to now become something of a professional product. I had another feedback/critique with NousVous and my studio peers. I had put together a final rendition of my edition booklet to be critiqued.


The above images are of the first prototype I put together. A great way of printing out draft pages, sticking them together with glue and getting the numbers of the pages down in order to print them out in the correct format. It was also a great way of drawing all over the book to give myself notes on adjustments and things I didn’t like. For example the text alignment on the cover, the spread of the images inside the booklet and checking the colour of the printer ink.


(below) These are images of the above booklet notes that have been altered. The kerning and tracking of the text have been updated. The colour on the cover has more blue and less grayscale. The inside images have a better spread and grid placed layout. And due to the pages being numbered I was able to print the book out and staple it along the middle.

protoytype-202 protoytype-2



The feedback session consisted of NousVous and my studio peers looking at my prototype and giving me suggestions of what the improve or change, before I go and print out ten editions of my book. The feedback I got was positive. However, the font was not a suit for the cover. They could not tell me what font to use but it ‘just wasn’t that one’ I had on there. The idea of my name not being on the front cover had come into discussion. Also we spoke about what sort of text I should have inside, explaining the booklet. Will also suggested the name be changed to ‘people of MY local universe’, this makes the booklet more personal to my experience and customers like to feel that buy a piece of personality in artwork.

Nick also suggested that it would have been nice to see the pictures have more development in the movement. I have drawn my image and copied it twice, making it bigger each time, to show viewers a closer look at my line work, whilst creating movement. However, Nick spoke of how it doesn’t bring anything new to the original pictures, which are highlighted in a blue wash. He said it would have been nice to see the people drawn at, possibly, three different angles, and highlighting one of the images, this would have created more realistic movement in my images and gave a sense of atmosphere to the book. This would be a very beautiful book if I had done that, within the time frame of this being said, it was not possible for me to do that many drawings in time to make a book out of it. But this is good evaluation for me to improve my work and better my ideas!



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