Printing My Edition

Due to the nature of inkjet digital printers, I needed to print my book in batches of layers. One colour printout and the other greyscale. This is due to that fact that, when printing greys on inkjet, and the setting is set to print colour, the colours merge together to form a grey, and not using black (as much). In turn, this gives the illusion of grey when in fact, looking more closely you find it has got tiny flecks/dots of colour. So, changing the setting to print the blacks and greys in grey scale, it will print only using the black ink, thus creating a true grey shade. Because of this, I had to print it out twice in batches, overlapping the prints, a bit like the riso printer. Below is a video I edited of when I spent a few hours printing out the pages to be cut and assembled/stapled.


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