Duke Of Uke


Duke of Uke is a shop in London. It sells a huge range of Ukulele, banjos, and accessories. They are the only Ukulele emporium in London. They also run lessons and courses on how to play these types of string instruments. This year (2016) the shop will be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Within CIP lesson we have been handed the task of making this anniversary an iconic event with various type of design work to choose from. We have the opportunity to create an illustration based window display in 2D or 3D form; or, an interactive digital design of gif animations for the shops website; or, an editorial response within five visuals for Instagram with strategy postings; and finally we have the opportunity to design a visual identity for the shop, using 10th anniversary as a theme for this.

I have not chosen which one I am to do yet, however I am drawn to the Instagram project, or the window display in 2D format.

So far I have decided to gather research for the Duke Of Uke branding and shop designs by extracting them onto mood/vision boards, to get a clear indication of what I can work with and possibly change.

brand-1 brand2



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