Wednesday is always new day. I go to my local comic store and get my subscriptions. Today I was overjoyed to see the new Batman:Detective Comics volume 6 Icarus was in stock. I have not read it yet, and this isn’t a review. I just wanted to show the enthusiasm I have for comic book art. Sometimes, regardless of the story or plot, I buy comics just for the art alone, and I was not disappointed with this one!

Artists are Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.



Their art style is what I would say, innovative, illustrative and experimental. I think its innovative because I very rarely see any other artist produce artwork like it. This art style, to me, is more about give the reader an atmosphere, a sense of feeling about the scenes, not necessarily about story telling itself. Sure, it shows the images in sequence, scene to scene, frame to frame, but it does so with gesture movement lines, character expressions with small detail, and changes of colour with dramatic effect.

It shows a great impression of illustration and experimental designs through the use of the colours and marks. Some lines are not finished, some barley visibly, maybe even a thick line by itself. The colouring has a less graphic Photoshop/illustrator feel, like it has been water coloured, even screen printed. This give the book more class, a feel good factor, that you’re not just reading a story but also a process.

Towards the back of the book, the editor has decided to put in some process’ from the artists boards. I always love this, as an inspiring artists, it is always good to show thumbnails, and thoughts from the artists. This gives me a better indication of how the artist works and achieves his final drawings.

(spoiler alert)

icarus2 icarus3 icarus4 icarus6






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