Riso Printing


Deadline arrived to hand over my poster project. I had managed to get my poster through the RisoGraph, although most annoyingly there was an error with the red ink, so I only had two thirds of my project finished. Due to this mishap, I printed my posters through inkjet for demonstration purposes.

The picture above is of two posters that went through the Riso. The results were good. The hand crafted faded effect gave the poster some originality. Quite ironically this poster went from hand crafted cut outs, to digital process for colours and opacity separation, and then back to a more analogue process (risograph). The Risograph does give out a particular unique quality of ink, and where the ink has gone from dark to light, it gave the layers a bit of a glowing edge (look around the buttons of the controllers).

posterriso posterriso2

For my presentation, I showcased my inkjet printings to show the full effect of the series within the posters (below)






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