Inking my illustrations

photo1 photo2 photo3

(Above) Here are a few sketches I have done for the project. I have gone for the ‘Throw everything I got at it!’ attitude. I wanted to communicate the brand, identity and visuals of the Duke Of Uke Emporium. I took the ‘Splash page’ approach, each one has a different design but all connected to each other with tiny details. Each one focusing on a different element of the Ukulele shop, and the culture in general. I want my illustrations to scream out LOOK! 10 YEARS! (I still have two more to do)


photo5 photo6 photo7photo4

(Above) I went in and inked my sketches over layout paper (tracing paper). This gives me the opportunity to adjust my compositions, add detail, subtract details and generally clean out my designs. Once I have all 5 illustrations inked and ready to scan into the computer, I will then add in some colour, some graphic effects, adjust some line work and add in some text.



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