Beyond Limits

“Our body is analogue driven by the senses.” What happens if
we try to make a body? What if we create a body and mind
that can see further, go faster, jump higher, speak louder or be
stronger. Is it possible to design our bodies and mind? Is it
possible that machines and new technology can replace
humans? Can we create and re-construct organs for medical
purpose? In this brief you are asked to rethink the body and
mind. What are we made of? Explore the senses, chose to
enhance them or even extend lack of senses or aid disabilities.

‘ if a person needs false legs, why should they look like
human ones? A prosthetic has the potential to extend
the body for beyond the limit we are born into – a
prospect that is equally terrifying and exciting’
Aimee Mullins: athlete and activist.

To start me off with this brief I have chosen a subject slightly closer to home. My daughter has nerve damage in her left ear, as a result she is partially deaf. So I decided to help enhance the human body. I have chosen a number of topics; Enhance, Replace, Retouch.

The mood/theme of my project will be within the practical and surrealistic sense. I think that we have amazing technology on this planet, and with the help of great designers we can achieve unimaginable things.

To start I formed a few spider diagrams around these ideas, looking into facts and how the human nervous system works, looking for details to do with function, purpose, learnability and loss.

spider1 spider2 spider3

I then put together a few simple mood boards, which I like to think of as brainwaves. Just collecting images that represent my subject to help me visualise my themes and concepts. I like the idea of electric neurons, and I think they are a good starting point. However, I also feel more drawn to the idea of blindness, and hearing, and maybe finding a way of helping the two.

moodboard1 moodboard2 moodboard3


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