Sketching Ideas

Here is a collection of sketches for my augmented eyeball project idea.

11 10 9 8 sketch3 sketch2 sketch1

I have tried to think about how it could be inserted into the skull, and connected into the nervous system/brain.

I have looked at aspects like design, use and realism/practicality. My design processes stems from a camera lens looking piece for the eyesight. From then, it is connected to a moving giro, covered with a protective sleeve. The giro is connected to the main CPU which controls the movement, signals, colours, light and head up display (HUD). I have thought about the device having a spring activated pair of grippers, which would latch onto the eye sockets of the skull, thus holding the device in place.

All of these pieces are linked together, and controlled by a neuronic plug, which has neuron fibres that link into the nervous system. This enables the device to link with the brain (person) and also powers the unit through neuronic electric produced by our nervous system. All the while, the device also is learning how your brain makes new neuronic pathways to adapt to the device and let it settle into being part of the human body.

I think I will call the device  ‘Neuron Vision’.





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