More Animation Research

I have found a new love for motion comic books. Whether they are animated from stills, or completely reassembled. I found that from my insight into animation that the process can be very long. To think, for the human eye to see motion is a clear state we need to make motion/animation/film at 25 frames (of stills) per second. however for even better and clearer animation its best to work in 30 frames per second (fps). So in order to make a minute long animation (using still images) I would need to create 1800 frames, at 30fps. So, I’d better get to work. However, I did look into some more animation, to help develop my skill set, in basic elements of animating.

<iframe width=”1280″ height=”720″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>

This video helped me understand the motions used to make simple elements like walking motions. Very basic, but even walking has many different angles and placements within the character. This is a great step by step creation that I found extremely useful. It helped me realise the details that must be considered.

This video is exceptionally good at explaining frame rates. It is more involved with film than animation, but still gives me a great insight how the difference in frame rates look and why we use them.

I think chose to look at this comic book in motion. The Watchmen, an iconic story, one of the best, and to see it in motion, is somewhat better than the feature film. It brings life to amazing artwork, considered detail to each panel, and helps move the story along. After a short period of time you forget your actually looking at a comic book.


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