Presentation and Feedback

The owners and creators of Duke Of Uke come into University to watch presentation by students. This was for them to get a feel for what each student had to offer in terms of designs, layouts, and applications. As well as, for us to get feedback from the guys of the shop.

Below are the slides I presented as my presentation.

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Slide9 final-display

I explained to them by thoughts behind the ‘Big explosion, celebration, birthday, anniversary’ inspiration idea, from a few graphic designs I sourced online. Then choosing elements from the shop, their website, their flyers, their posters, and general historical features of the instrument itself. I presented them with 5 different designs to be displayed upon their Instagram, throughout the year to showcase that, that year, is the 10th anniversary.



I feel the presentation when smoothly and I said everything I need to say clearly and direct, with enthusiasm, and a good direction of how my art work could be implied onto their Instagram feed. The feedback I got was encouraging and delightful. The guys enjoyed my pitch and liked the way I sourced different elements and made them into an explosive inspiration piece. However, they suggested that I should focus more on the drawings, and line work of my art, and possibly take away some of the colour and ‘busy-ness’ from each image. I have taken this advice on-board and will get on adjusting my artwork accordingly.


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