Animation Outcome

Above is the final animation video for the moving image project. I have taken the comic book I made from the Getting Weird Project, and made it into a motion comic book. I did the whole animation using layers and frames within Photoshop. I scanned my inks (from the comic book) into P and cut out all the elements I wanted to be in motion. By doing this, I had each page of my comic book set out in different layers, and from then it was just a matter of moving the layers around the page, whilst getting every still image into a frame. Once the frames had been created, it was just a matter of playing them through to make sure the movements were as smooth as possible.

I rendered the Photoshop animation into 30 fps, and opened up Adobe Premiere Pro, for video editing. In the editing process I just made different parts of the video zoom in and out where I felt it needed to be a more focused motion for that particular scene. I added in the effect of a page flip from different scenes to give that feeling that it is still a comic book, not a feature film. Then I added title page and credits.

I will go back in on the project in the near future and add sound, I only concentrated most on the animation as that’s what the brief asked upon me. I did thoroughly enjoy this project, motion animation is something I never thought I would be involved with, however, it was great to bring my work to life and learn new skills. These new skills will help me in creating more motion within still images, and always prepare artwork for editing and manipulating for a different projects.

Below are the different pages I used to make this animation.

comic1 comic2 comic3 comic4 comic5

Alien Figure (strange, unusual, forgotten)
Alien Figure (strange, unusual, forgotten)

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