Beyond Deliverables

Moving along with my project, Neuron Vision, I thought about making a 3D model of my bionic augmented reality eyeball. So I began drafting out some technical/mechanical drawings, to have a more accurate design in place.

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However I do not feel I would have time to make a model, or find the parts I need to make an accurate representation of my designs within the time for the deadline. The brief states that I could make a 1 min 30 second video/moving image of my final outcome. So I looked into using Cinema 4D, after getting inspired by the Hothouse talk by Dazzleship. I thought about how I could make a 3D representation of my model on Cinema 4D, so I set out to teach myself a little sculpting on the software. I was not expecting it to be such a challenge. To learn a new piece of software is one thing, but to create a moving image within the deadline, I again found it to be a bit too ambitious. I only managed to work with the 3D platform on Photoshop to final get a result that only slightly resembled my idea.


So back to the drawing board.

The brief states that I can make a series of 3 posters at A1 size. So looking into this, I wondered how I could make the poster more exciting, and how can I capture the full essence of my ideas and designs. A poster is a good way of showing people a produced before it is released, or to advertise that it is going to be available. This gave me my idea of a coming soon poster. If I cannot show people the actual device, I can at least advertise that it is going to be available. A glimpse into the future. I set out a thumbnail session to gather some ideas.


This has led me into thinking about a way of making a press release, or a branding identity of my device. Choosing fonts, colours, images, shapes and themes. I can really bring this device, to cure blindness, to life!









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