Artist Research – Ellie Foreman-Peck

Ellie Foreman-Peck is a London based illustrator specialising in hand drawn and collaged imagery. Since graduating in 2008 she has worked for a wide range of clients including: Random House, GQ, The Telegraph, Gramophone Magazine, Creative Review, The Guardian, The Independent, Eureka, Harvard Business Review and CBBC.

I have found this wonderful artist, who really seems to have got a grip on how she delivers work, and how she likes to work. This is a completely different feel of editorial illustration to the what I’ve seen in The New Yorker. I am not a great fan of collage, never seen much use for it, but I think Ellie has shown me how I can involve it with my drawing skills.

(all pictures features below are from ‘ ‘ and not my own work)

4.-lib-dems-dimise_950 6.-cameron2_1_940 7.Ed-Miliband_2_940 marx-final prt_300x211_1447340949 prt_300x434_1444555519 prt_320x225_1398176867 prt_320x225_1398179738 prt_320x458_1398177074 prt_320x458_1398177563 prt_320x459_1398176911 prt_320x459_1398179600 prt_320x459_1398180736


Ellie’s Website



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