The New Yorker

Following my research into Editorial illustration, I searched for a good source to start my artist research.

I have started with The New Yorker. A New York City magazine, which has been publishing fortnightly since 1920s. It houses articles based on NYC cultural events, activities and local news. However, since we are in a time which everything is becoming digital (internet based), this is also the case for The New Yorker. This is great for research purposes as I can looking deep into the magazine archives and current issues.

Honestly, I never really was interested in magazines such as this. I always thought they are just political nonsense, to much local news and current affairs, which does not interest me. Nonetheless, for this project I have gone to seek out this magazine, and to my surprise, I am delighted I have. The website for The New Yorker is a great source for editorial illustrations. It holds some amazingly talented cartoonist, which on the website has its own section. Click Here to see.

The editorial illustrations within the magazine have a very strict style about them. They mostly produced with pen and ink, rarely have I seen any coloured cartoons. They have a wit about them, hidden metaphors and sometimes dark humour. The cartoons have this unique style throughout the magazine, throughout the years, which keeps the magazine in a uniformed style. The cartoons are designed/styled with just the right amount of detail so the viewer can easily see what the cartoon image is. They are produced with a minimal detail as to not spoil the simplicity of the joke, or context, surrounding the text they are complimenting. This seems to be a very traditional form of editorial illustration.

Below are a selection of the typical cartoons that are on The New Yorker

1ny 2ny 3ny 4ny 5ny


I did also come across this video of how the editor goes about choosing the cartoons for the weekly issues and website updates. This is a great insight into how it all comes together. Plus I get to see what the artists are like behind the illustrations.

<script async src=”//”>


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