New Poster Designs

I went back in and look at what I really want my posters to be about. I had the idea of a coming soon style poster, giving some evidence of what it is, but still to keep people guessing. I have chosen to illustrate the posters more. I have used thick marker lines to do my drawings, a rough sketch but purposeful style. To compliment the profile drawings I have used HUD graphic brushes, arranged them in a sequence that correspond with each other, to form a uniform style and for coherence throughout the series of posters.

I feel these posters give a modern illustration appearance for a futuristic style subject. Keeping the designs simple but detailed, allows the poster to be noticed fast, but also can be look upon with great attention. I am pleased I went back in and changed my design/style from my first lot of posters. These posters represent my practice in illustration and hopefully give the impression of a professional set of skills.

Here is the final poster series for my Beyond Limits project.







Please feel free to comment, good or bad 🙂





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