Poster Designs

Now I have established what I want my final outcomes to be for this project, I got onto designing my posters. I chose a futuristic, technology them. I wanted clean, precise and to the point. Minimal, not a lot of colour and to hint at what the future of human eye sight could be. Deliverables say to have three A1 posters. A good size to work with. Plus, having to do three, I want them to all resemble each other, so I am going for a series of posters, that could fit together, or link up together. Here are some thumbnails of my designs.



Going from one of these thumbnails I started gathering images which suited my theme. I wanted to get images of faces, for the half face poster. They had to be modern, clean and simple. Professional model headshots. I then went about looking at the background and thought that Neuron Cells would look great, possibly blurred to give a 3D effect. I got onto Photoshop and started to compile my designs. Using a clean, typical collage system. Below are the results of which I come up with.

poster-lamanyers poster-layers

These two designs, are complied of sourced images (except the logo). I used colour adjustments, filters, blur effects, Photoshop tools to gain the effects of the images. However, these images are neither finished or going to be finished. The reason for this is that I was not happy with this type of work. I was basically re-hashing images off the internet, and making them into something I wanted to. I was cutting a pasting, mindlessly making things look pretty. The design and arrangements were all mine, but the artwork and the effort was not. I am not a huge fan of this style of work, there’s no effort, no talent, no serious skill in making something your own (that’s not to say there aren’t some great Photoshop artists out there, who are extremely talented) So, I stopped. I gathered my thoughts and got back to basics in what I am and what I love doing. Eureka moment. I am an illustrator and these images do not represent me or my art style in any way.

Back to the drawing board!






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