Lakwena Maciver bought a very organic, thoughtful, and passionate talk to the hothouse. Lakwena has produced work for clients such as Nike, Converse, Diesel and Clinique. Lakwena works with extremely bold, bright, flat colours and typography. She began her presentation with a little insight into where and how she got inspired into making art. Her love for typographical features from Africa and Ethiopia. Going into University to study Graphic Design, she was explained her fears and worries about whether she had made the right choice. She explained how the type of projects she was set at University was totally not what she wanted to study and couldn’t get to grips with why she had to do certain projects. However, she went on to say how this experience led her into a much clearer path of what she wanted to do. She took the skills and lessons she learnt from her studies and began creating her magnificent wall mural pieces. Inspired by mythologies and inspirations she had in childhood, she paints patterns and using typography to communicate herself and her message. Not quite sure what that message is, but her work is awe inspiring to look at.

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She only touched briefly on where and how she comes about her work projects. Mostly stems from friends of friends and being in the right place at the right time. This is all well and good, to have these connections, but it is merely by chance these types of things happen. I believe in a strong network of people to collaborate with and to share ideas, but I personally would prefer a more stable income of projects and know where I stand each month. Lakwena has achieved amazing results, with her work, her passion and love for her artwork, and this is something I wish I will have after my studies.







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