Proposal Feedback

Presenting my ideas for my project proposals to Nous Vous (Will), I come out with some good feedback and good advice. I went through all three of my ideas, suggesting ways I will make them, the subject matter and what I like most about them most. Will suggested the second idea was possibly my strongest. I think this is partly due to being such an avid comic book fan/collector, that I came across more excited about this idea. I am loving the idea of comic books being drawn in different ways. Not just the conventional grid box panel layout, but a more abstract form across the pages. This can create such a beautiful visual of capturing a story, but also a good way of creating different atmospheres and moods.This is something I would like to venture into and be able to capture the aesthetics of really well. Will understood this and liked my ideas. Will suggest that I do not spend the majority of my time creating a story, but finding one. Something like the Jack the Ripper stories, and to create a graphic novel out of it. I will need to use my drawing skills to create a good visual looking graphic novel, and find different ways of making it. Possibly create a narrative without using text within the image. Also, I like the idea of having a black and white comic, due to time scale, but also maybe just a little colour, maybe one colour or two.


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