Sons Of Thatcher tutorial

After a tutorial with Emily Evans about my current work, she pointed out that my Editorial pieces were not quite as bad as I initially thought. I had struggled with this project. Not knowing what approach to take; humorous, serious, direct, forward, abstract, upfront, simple, complex. I had stuck with what I knew to be one of my strengths and dished out some portraits of the people mentioned in the article I chose; Son’s Of Thatcher. After the collage, shape making, flat colour experimenting workshop I had done with Rachel Gannon, I created the portraits with no faces. However, feeling this was not strong enough, I went back in on these outcomes and drew over them, to give it some subtle but obvious detail. This is what was pointed out, as good, in my tutorial. So following some advice from Emily I have adjusted the outcomes more and will put it together as a real situ editorial piece.

thatchertony davidladies



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