Adjustment and new presentation

After the feedback I received from the Duke Of Uke presentation, I have gone back in on the project and re-designed my designs. I have taken quite a bold approach by drastically changing the colour scheme, the line work and the application process, but keeping on the same theme as before.

newdesing2 new-design1 newdesign finalidealayers instagram hands


From the images above you can see my design elements have stayed the same. However I have taken away the colour and used my drawings in a vector style to illustrated the shop and its anniversary. I looked at the application process, of Instagram again, and thought of a way to be more imaginative and innovative. Through this thought, I decided to interlink my design as one long piece, which splits into 5 images, but ones brought together creates a single piece. As shown in the image with people holding their mobile phones together, forming one image, just a token of giving something new to the Instagram format, as well as making the illustrations stand out in different ways.

I hoped to have possibly created a new way people interact with their Instagram feed. Having a display of images like this, people could take a photo of all their phones, with the image displayed across their devices. Fun and creative!


I presented this new idea to Duke Of Uke, and they were pleased to see that I took their previous advice into consideration. They liked the idea of the big image coming together over the course of the images being put out of Instagram. They suggested that maybe my stripped back design was a little to drastic, and maybe an added bit of colour would bring the images to life that little bit more. (so, somewhere in between).

Not much else was said, even though they seemed to like it, I was not chosen to have my work displayed within this project. Therefore I am out of the competition, but will still develop my work from the comments I got.





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